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About Us

Spelta Vita - a long tradition - a new look. If you’re hearing about us for the first time but are interested in where the idea to start making green drinks came from in 2007, look for the About Us tab and learn about our story.

A family manufactory that was born from necessity but has been working at full steam for fourteen years now. 

The first steps

Most family businesses have their own stories about how they started. Our first steps were not easy. They were caused by a family drama when Green wheatgrass juice meant the solution. You might have already heard about my father, an elderly old man from Palic, Mátyás Német, who helped his grandson overcome a serious illness. After their successful fight, my father was willing to share his experience with others and he started a family business at the age of 70, with the support of my mother, Zsuzsanna Német. We went through a lot of development, gained new knowledge and experience, had a lot of successful attempts, all of which have prompted us to be even better and more effective. I was given the opportunity to join my father and help people. I left my university studies and became a member of the team. I spent five years with my father. We did everything together. I had studied from him so that later he could hand over the production to me with complete confidence. I have been successfully completing this task, which I inherited from him, for more than six years now. My husband, Árpád, has also become a member of our strong team, contributing to our success with his expertise.

And we are here now…

The past has taught us how important it is to change our habits when our health starts to fail. Above all, it is very important to return to nature and the opportunities that nature offers us in terms of nutrition. Here we are, we are the Némets from Palic, who have been making the green drinks from grains with the same enthusiasm for almost 15 years.
We have a great responsibility in this production, since our products are intended for human consumption and we know exactly how important health is. Our company's products are regularly inspected by accredited laboratories and they always meet the highest quality standards. To ensure the highest quality, we use the most up-to-date technologies in our production, as these drinks are made to make us healthier.

The production of green wheatgrass juice would not exist today if it wasn’t for dr. Ann Wigmore, who found out what power resides in the green leaves. We will always be grateful to her for that.

I am Klementina Kovács Német and I am happy to be able to continue this beautiful and responsible invitation.

+381 61 575 3699
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