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About Spelta Vita products

Spelta Vita is a group of products made from the fresh leaves and sprouts of several plants, all of which have evolved from organic seeds. We can ensure excellent quality only by working to the highest standards, cold pressing and quick freezing. Our products are natural green in color, fresh in taste, rich in minerals, chlorophyll and vitamins that refresh and energize the tired body.

Family tradition

Spelta Vita - a long tradition - a new look. If you’re hearing about us for the first time but are interested in where the idea to start making green drinks came from in 2007, look for the About Us tab and learn about our story.


Frequently asked questions about Spelta Vita products can be found in this chapter.

  • We have been working according to the regulations of the HACCP system for ten years, and since 2020 we also have the certificate.

  • Yes, contact us at + 381615753699.

  • It may take us 4-5 days to respond, so we suggest you contacting us by phone.

  • By appointment, yes.

  • You can call us at any time between 8am and 8pm. If you cannot reach us, we will definitely call you back.

  • We are open for our customers between 8 am and 3 pm.

  • Yes, we are constantly working to develop new products.

  • Mostly all distributors sell our products for the same prices.

  • It is located in Javorska Street 3, Palic.

  • The product is backed by the Német family with almost fifteen years of experience.

  • All our products are vegan.

  • These products have no recommended shelf life and can be consumed for unlimited time.

  • The spelt used in the production is grown by us under organic conditions, using a strictly controlled process.

  • The packaging, like all our frozen products, contains 36 frozen cubes of juice.

  • We provide detailed instructions for each of our products with the package.

  • All our products are frozen, so we deliver them in cool bags to the given address.

  • Our products are recommended for children over 3.

  • Trademarks are clearly visible on our packaging and are typically found only on our products. If you are still unsure, contact us in person.

  • Spelt, or Triticum wheat, is the name of an ancient grain. Spelt is the raw material that is processed to make the green juice.

  • Yes, it is completely the same. We simply felt it was time to renew the packaging.