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100% Prirodni proizvodi! Zeleni sok od žita


- Green wheatgrass juice -

Naš sok od žita je 100% prirodni i visoko kvalitetni proizvod koji raspolaže sa svim adekvatnim deklaracijama

Zeleno žito Nemet - Eliksir vitalnosti
All major therapeutic products have their own story. Ours started with a family illness and our struggle against it. Little Roland Sabo was diagnosed with leukemia when he was three years old, and four years later when he was seven, an insidious, dangerous type of cancer attacked his body. When no one else saw any more chance for his healing, his grandfather, Matyas Nemeth persistently sought out to find the cure. Love, perseverance, and diligence helped us find the solution, even though doctors could not help him anymore.

Green wheatgrass juice is the product that brought us the miracle – the healing of the child. The little boy grew stronger day by day and gradually healed completely. Mátyás Németh still says, “Thanks to the green wheatgrass juice my grandson has survived. I am very grateful to Doctor Anna Wigmore, who had discovered the healing effects of the green wheatgrass juice that saved my grandson’s life.

In this struggle, we have learned how important it is to change our habits, especially as far as nutrition is concerned. How important it is to return to nature and make the best of its treasures. Turning to nature’s raw materials, we offer natural, healthy products that provide effective help both in quality nutrition and in the struggle against serious illnesses. These diseases are various forms of cancer, leukemia and other diseases involving the deterioration of the immune system.

Klementina Nemet
Klementina Nemet
Zeleno žito


Svi proizvodi su proizvedeni po HACCP standardu
This healing nutritional supplement supports the immune system, helps metabolism, detoxifies, destroys harmful bacteria, restores the balance of the gut flora, refreshes, vitalizes, its high chlorophyll content helps the body’s oxygen supply, thus reduces inflammation and accelerates the healing process.
This therapeutic nutritional supplement combines all the positive, healing effects of green wheatgrass and Omega-3 fatty acids.
This therapeutic dietary supplement is rich in vitamins and minerals. We gain this product – that provides great vitality to the body – by compressing the young seeds of organic barley.
A medicinal dietary supplement known for its healing effect on the body, with a special focus on digestion. It contains valuable antioxidants, mineral substances, vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and E and large amounts of fiber, flavonoids and chlorophyll.

Our clients’ experience

"А lot of people are allergic to ragweed. It is a real torture at the time of its flowering. During these periods I took two hormone tablets every day for years to get through this period somehow. In addition to the hormones, I also used a lot of other medicines (eye drops, nose drops, etc.), and I constantly had a sore throat, I could hardly breathe. This meant three months from August to November every year. It was terrible! "
Gabo Senta

Our clients’ experience

"I had a constant backache. I had difficulty breathing, so I stopped all physical activities because I thought there was something wrong with my heart. I got a little better but after a while, my complaints started again. I went to the doctor’s to see what might be wrong. The doctor sent me to X-ray. It turned out that 57% of my lungs were damaged. "
Goran Sombor

Our clients’ experience

"I got bronchitis. I sneezed or coughed almost every minute. I did not leave the house. I tried all the existing medications, but none of them helped. Green wheatgrass is being grown in Palić, not far from my home. A lot of people recommended it, so I finally tried it. To my surprise, two weeks later I ordered another dose. "
Milan Subotica


i odgovori
1. Kako da znamo da li je Zeleni sok od originalnog proizvođača ZELENO ZDRAVLJE?
Naša pakovanja su originalna i zaštićena suvim žigom sa deklaracijom proizvoda. Na deklaraciji su odštampani svi naši podaci kao što su: proizvođač, institucija koja ga je ispitala i odobrila za promet, sastav, količina, rok trajanja, itd. Ovako obeleženi proizvod možete smatrati bezbednim za upotrebu. Naš sok od žita je visoko kvalitetni proizvod koji raspolaže sa svim adekvatnim deklaracijama, a proizveden je na Paliću pod strogo kontrolisanim uslovima firme „Zeleno zdravlje“.
2. Da li mala deca smeju da koriste Zeleni sok odo žita ?
Ovaj proizvod je potpuno bezbedan i bez ikakvih problema mogu ga koristiti ljudi različitih starosnih dobi pa i deca uzrasta od 3 godine. Sok je prošao razne vrste kliničkih ispitivanja i mogu ga koristiti i zdrave i bolesne osobe sa dozom koja je prilagođena uzrastu i potrebama oranizma konzumenta. Detalje o načinu i upotrebi soka pročitajte na stranicama opisa proizvoda.
3. Da li je sok od spelte isto što i zeleni sok od žita ?
Zeleni sok od žita jeste vrsta proizvoda koja se pravi od Spelte posebne vrste žita međutim sama činjenica nije i jedini uslov jer ovaj proizvod ima svoj način proizvodnje, čuvanja i same upotrebe jer u slučaju nepravilne upotrebe proizvod gubi svoja lekovita svojstva pa je zato potrebno držati se uputstva o načinu upotrebe i čuvanja samog proizvoda.
4. Kako se čuva Zeleni sok od žita ?
Zeleni sok od žita i ostali naši proizvodi čuvaju se u originalnom pakovanju i po uputstvu samog proizvoda u zamrznutom stanju bez otopljavanja do trenutka upotrebe gde se izdvaja samo količina koja je neophodna za trenutnu upotrebu ili jednu terapiju.


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