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Zeleno Zito Nemet

- Palić Serbia-

Zeleno Zdravlje (Green Health) and Elixir are family companies run by the Nemeth family. They manufacture products that help keep the human body healthy.

Zeleno Zdravlje (Green Health) and Elixir are family companies run by the Nemeth family. They manufacture products that help keep the human body healthy. We started our business to cure the illness of one of our family members because we fought for his health with all the tools available to us. With love, persistent research and work, we found the cure when traditional medicine could not help anymore. We learned how important it is to change our bad habits, above all eating habits, how important it is to return to nature, that offers the solution to us, we just have to make the best of it.

nemet zeleno zito o nama

We started our own plantation, and we started to grow wheatgrass ourselves. We strictly pay attention to every detail of the process, so that we can guarantee for the quality of our products.

Responsibility is not negligible because our products are primarily intended for human consumption and we began to manufacture for ourselves. We are fully aware of the value of our products and the importance of their consumption.

We have standardized our products (HACCP standard), and we avoid the use of any harmful substances that would increase yield or ease processing. These substances would damage our products’ quality and would have an adverse effect on the health of our consumers for whom the purity of the products that contribute to the recovery and preservation of their health is very important.

We have patented our products and we make every effort to obtain all the necessary certificates and permissions to be able to start selling abroad, since we have a lot of customers from other countries. Diseases do not know frontiers, and we would like to make our products available  to all those who need them.

The products are made for human consumption. Their biological purity is indisputable. They have undergone various clinical and laboratory tests. The products are constantly being checked for reliability and further development. If you have studied the materials at your disposal, you can see that not only are the carefully selected raw materials and strictly controlled production processes important for our products, but also their storage and use. Their curative power can be reduced considerably due to improper storage or use. It is important to use the products according to the instructions, as this is the best way to get the most healing power out of them. There are people who –  in the hope of quick enrichment – copy our products without permission, without  paying attention to the quality of their products, thus endangering the health of those people who consume the products. We are fighting against this,too,  but above all, we are trying to make everything we can for the health of those people who honor us with their confidence. Their recovery is the most important aim for us. We know how important and difficult it is to fight for health, because we have also gone through these battles. We understand the importance of energy, attention, and time spent on healing.

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